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When you have teeth problems, you look up to an experienced dentist and caring staff. Exclusive Dental Care understands the state-of-mind of the patients arriving for treatment. Each staff member plays their unique role and makes sure that you receive the right care with us. We are a modern, up to date, and caring team. We want to deliver dental care that enhances the quality of your life. Our aim is to help you make the most of your smile today and tomorrow. We have been guiding our patients along a path of optimal dental health and awareness.

Our practicing dentists carry out check-ups and treatments. However, their primary role is preventing dental health problems, discovering issues in advance, and ensuring treatment to control them from intensifying.

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At Exclusive Dental Care, our dental hygienists offer treatments including general and preventative dental care, cleaning, whitening, scaling and polishing. We prevent dental problems beforehand and promote your overall dental health. We excel in handling complex and unique cases. Our aim is to extend our unsurpassed dental care services to every person in need on the island and create healthy smiles through science and dentistry.

From preparing instruments to other essentials for treatment, we ensure that you get the best dental service on time. We realise the importance of your valuable time and hence, strictly adhere to the treatment schedule. We ensure that our patients feel comfortable and keep faith in us, throughout their dental treatment.

Lastly, our skilled and experienced team offers oral and orthodontics, endodontics, pedodontics and periodontics, dental implants & more. Our team treats injuries, diseases and makes your smile come alive.When it comes to your children, we are the coolest dentistry in Jamaica. We transform your kid’s day out at the dentist into a fun-filled day. We have our kids club where the young ones enjoy balloons and bubbles parties. We want each kid to have a cavity-free smile.

Together, we have created modern dentistry that doesn’t look or feel like a traditional dental practice. The luxurious decor and high-quality finish of the surroundings reflect the high standards of service we aim to provide. An appointment awaits you, come in or call us.

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Meet Our Doctor

Dedicated to Excellence, Dedicated To Your Smile. Advanced Dental Care for Life.

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Mark A. Edwards was born in Mandeville, Jamaica where he attended DeCarteret College. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree with honours from Northeastern University, Boston Massachusetts in 1980 and a Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Hackensack New Jersey in 1984.

Always passionate about being relevant and well trained, he has earned a number of post graduate certificates including: “Clinical Orthodontics, Surgical extractions and Surgical Endodontics” from Morrisania Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, New York in 1997, “Surgical Periodontics” from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York in 1988 and 1991, and “Surgical Periodontics” from Long Island Jewish Medical Centre, New York in 1996. In his pursuit of excellence, Dr. Edwards has also completed several courses and attended Seminars at various institutions.

Dr. Edwards has dedicated over thirty-one years of service to the field of Dentistry, working at various dental institutions in New York from 1984 to 1997, private practice and correctional facilities in Florida from 2000 to the present. Dr. Mark Edwards holds a long and distinguished career in academia. He is a founding member of the first Dental Hygiene Program in the English Speaking Caribbean at Northern Caribbean University. It was his passion for imparting knowledge, Dr. Edwards has been the coordinator for the program since its inception in August 2000 and led the programme for 15 years. Dr. Edwards is also a lecturer at the University of the West Indies Mona, Faculty of Medical Sciences, which saw its first cohort of dentist graduating October 2015. These are some of the first dental graduates trained in Jamaica.

Dr. Edwards has led a long and distinguished career and is affiliated with several professional bodies including the Jamaica Dental Association, the Florida Dental Association, American Dental Association and the National Society of Dental Practitioners. As a member of the Jamaica Dental Association, he has served in several capacities including VP, a member of executive, continuing education coordinator and insurance guidelines committee member. As a part of the Dental Council of Jamaica, he has been the Registrar from 1999 to 2011 and has served as dental board examiner and a member of the examination board. Dr. Edwards is a member of the board of the Caribbean Accreditation Authority in Medicine and other Health Care Professions (CAAM-HP) and currently serves as the UWI Mona representative on the board.

Dr. Edwards is married to Princess, and they have two children: Xania and Angelique. He has served as an advisor to the Rotary Club of Mandeville and the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf and as a Regional Coordinator for the Organization for International Development Inc. For his significant contribution to dentistry, research, academia, and related areas, Dr. Edwards was presented with the illustrious C.J. Thomas Memorial Award by Northern Caribbean University on April 7, 2009.

When you visit us, Dr. Edwards will ask you the right questions and listen to you by heart. After meeting our doctor, you will be relaxed and optimistic. You can put your trust in him for treating your special case and leaving you with a beautiful and happy smile.


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